Invincible Baby Mommy : Chapter 59

       Chapter 59 Hidden Dragon Tombs: Mysterious creatures [7] Not much time, two men took the lead, as a mercenary, using the life to play an expoler, it is a matter of course. Su MianMian is free to watch the man who has not much expression on the face is in the water to drive with the rope on the body, and her leg is trembled from watching other going in the cold water. Think of those who was attack from the silent black fish , Su MianMian, the whole soul is shaking. However, for her own father ... she is afraid to sacrifice some people. From the instrument, those people go from the bottom of the water to another surface. These one of the independent caves seem to be linked to that one of the cold pool other side. However, such a route has increased a lot of difficulty, don't say the water time, they have to sneak in the water for five to ten minutes. Basically who can hurt the past is unknown, but these masks have the backup oxygen generator, but the quantity will not be too m

The strongest little devil : Master, come to fight! : Chapter 14

   Chapter 14 Sword out of it sheath, see red light   "do not know!"   "……"    "Ah! I know, I know!"   Under Luo XiaoMan's fierce gaze, the ring spirit trembled it body. Even if he really didn't know, he still had to say he knew.   "Say!"    "Well, I was kicked into the air by you just now, and now I am a little dizzy, and people are slowing down."the ring spirit looked at Luo XiaoMan with a grievance.    "Are you sure?" Luo XiaoMan frowned her eyebrows tightly, examining the ring spirit. "Yeah." The ring spirit nodded his head like a chicken pecking at the rice, "You want XuanTianGuo, isn't it just to repair the phantom ring? I will definitely cooperate with this. Only when the phantom ring is restored can its true power be exerted. ."    "Well, let me believe you this one." Luo XiaoMan blinked her eyes, and her heart suddenly trembled, realizing something is wrong outside.    "W

Invincible Baby Mommy : Chapter 58

    Chapter 58 Dragon Tombs: Mysterious Organism [6] Tiny mosquitoes flying voice feel unusually sensitive to the ear, but the breath of the human body is only in the gap of clothe holes, it can lead to hundreds of millions mosquitoes. The left hand of holding the light is not free. The wind is still the same direction of many mosquitoes, and the back is pulled down a transparent tube on the backsdrop, which is connected to the other end of the tube, and connects a bag of oxygen in the back. Although the air in the bag is not many, but it can still be sustainable for half an hour. When the wind is abnormal, the team is unwilling to avoid this, and everyone is slowly carefully breathing. Sure enough, the body's breath was covered, and hundreds of millions of mosquitoes naturally left the crowd, and the songs of the soul were now stopped. Entering the tomb more difficult than they thought much more, they don't know why, they have experienced too much, but they have passed it seve

Invincible Baby Mommy : Chapter 57

   Chapter 57 Tombs in the Hidden Dragon: Mysterious Creatures [5]    This large group of poisonous mosquitoes are particularly eye-catching in the absence of light. They have double red like demon and white compound eyes. In the thick black, they flash fly with the same brilliance as the devil, flying back and forth, looking for prey for food.    Although their wings are small, they are extremely advantageous with many. Under the rapid flying of them, they cause the entire space to has a loud voice and tremble, like the effect of death coming.    While poisonous mosquitoes are hungry for a long time and eagerly looking for food, it is inevitably regarded them as prey. Amidst the thunderous buzzing sound, there suddenly came a huge sound like a thousand horses, drums beating in unison.    Immediately afterwards, there was a lot of dark red light, shining and flying. There are thousands of bats, and the tomb has become their cave.   In this quiet darkness, the gloomy atmosphere with the

Invincible Baby Mommy : Chapter 56

   Chapter 56 Tombs in the Hidden Dragon: Mysterious Creatures [4] When they came up from the basement, they were warned that more than 80% of the reptiles or insects or arthropod poisonous insects in this cemetery are scientists who study biology, and many species are even listening they have never heard of it.   If they see on the wall, there is a kind that looks like a silkworm chrysalis, round and plump, with emerald green all over, and bright red on the head. Avoid touching it. This kind of silkworm chrysalis is called a "corpse maggot" by the people in the industry to call it. Its body looks soft, but it has the ability to live in the human body. It lives in a place where damp and cold corpses gather, such as a mass grave port. , Absorbing corpse gas and swallowing flesh and blood for many years, it has harmful corpse poison and can secrete highly toxic corrosive liquid. This creature can penetrate into the human body within a few seconds. Before you can dig it out with

Invincible Baby Mommy : Chapter 55

   Chapter 55 Tombs in the Hidden Dragon: Mysterious Creatures [3] Hu ZhanAn turned around and looked at Su MianMian staring at the stone bowl with a puzzled expression. He laughed: "The most dangerous place is the safest, and the most incredible is often the most dangerous. Possible things, the stone bowl seems to be extremely heavy, but there is a movable base underneath, as long as there is a hundred catties of power, you can lift it up, if you don't know it, you will naturally not mention it."   Su MianMian frowned her eyebrows, and pursed her lips: "The power of a hundred catties is needed to lift it up. How many people in the world can do it?"   Hu ZhanAn listened, his face showed a very happy expression.   Obviously, Su MianMian's words were like his flattery. Wang Jun was originally famous in the tomb robbers world for his supernatural power, so she naturally caught what Hu ZhanAn said.   Hu ZhanAn looked happy, opened the chatterbox, and talked abou

Invincible Baby Mommy : Chapter 54

  Chapter 54 Tombs in the Hidden Dragon: Mysterious Creatures [2]     The charming woman "chuckled" and smiled without disguising the sneer at the corners of her mouth: "This stone slab is equipped with a mechanism. If it is dug from above, the entire pipeline will sink, and a large amount of soft soil will flow over and dig it's place will be there just a pile of dirt."     Su MianMian understood this, but the sneer on a certain woman's face was too swagger and could only be automatically blocked in her sight.     Rong Feng couldn't help but shook his head. This Master Ba was really powerful, and he saw such meticulous things truly for the first time. If he hadn't thought of it, and hard digging it would only ruin the basement in vain.     At this time, Rong Feng noticed that in this basement, there was no difficulty in breathing at all, and the source of the air was unknownly pouring here? It seems that the existence of this tomb is far more simple

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